At Liannex Corp, our bus engineering service goes beyond maintenance and repair. Leveraging our technological expertise, we specialise in modifying and altering buses to serve greater purposes. Our team has collaborated with local government bodies such as SBS, the Civil Defence Force, and the Singapore Prison Service, customising vehicles to meet their unique needs and specifications.

Liannex Corp is a key player in land and marine logistics across Southeast Asia. Our strategic fleet, including steel bulk carriers , tug and barges and floating crane seamlessly supports trading activities in the region. Coupled with our affiliated stevedoring and land logistic divisions, we are able to provide integrated one-stop logistics services , ensuring reliable supply chains. Trust Liannex Corp to meet fast-growing demands and drive success across Southeast Asia.

As the largest shareholder of PTSC, a subsidiary of Petrol Vietnam, Liannex Group solidifies its position as a key player in both bulk and break-bulk exporting and distribution of cargo. Our strategic involvement in port operations and warehousing enables us to provide efficient handling, storage, and distribution of goods, leveraging on the rapidly growing Vietnamese economy.

Liannex is your go-to source for a diverse range of construction materials. From essential cement to aggregates like crushed stone and manufactured sand, we provide the building blocks for your projects. With our high-quality materials and commitment to innovation, we’re transforming the way you build. Choose Liannex and redefine construction excellence.