Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd
聯利機構 (新) 有限公司

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Liannex is a trading company that is heavily vested in assets in Malaysia and Singapore. From warehouses and manufactories to trucks and vessels, capital assets underpin our ability to obtain capital as well as grow our trades. With beginnings as a manufacturer of buses, Liannex has grown out into fuel and non-fuel trading businesses whilst maintaining its core operations.

Warehousing & Factory

Being both a bulk and break-bulk exporter and distributor of dry cargoes, warehousing is the fulcrum of our businesses in cement, gypsum, clinker and scrap. Our facilities also house the manufacturing and fabrication unit for buses and coaches which we commission to lessors and buyers.

  • Factory & Fabrication Space
    • Cement storage space: 508.8 sqm
    • Fabrication space: 2880.9 sqm

Barges & Trucks

Liannex owns its barges and trucks for the transport of the commodities it trades. Dry bulk cargoes are transported in the region by mid-distance sea freight and the most common and efficient mode is using barges. Many times, origins of cargo are found in small jetties with very basic infrastructure and in shallow draft water. Large vessels are in-navigable in shallow draft water and tight river channels. Although logistics operations and costs can make up for more than 40% of the total delivered unit cost, it is unique for a trader to own and manage a transport fleet.

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