Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd
聯利機構 (新) 有限公司

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Land & Sea Logistics


Land & Sea Logistics

Our core businesses involve large operations moving people, equipment and commodities in efficient and multi-nodal routes. By owning trucks, commercial buses, barges and light fleet we are able to capitalize on the flexibility of route choice, low or high tonnage, bulk or break-bulk transport methods best suited to meet the needs of our buyers. By providing flexibility of choice, we provide a manner of service and support that is unique to a trading company.


Our barge fleet plies the Indonesia to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam trade routes. The fleet is comprised of mid- to large sized barges primarily carrying dry cargoes such as coal and gypsum. Being managed professionally, the fleet also accepts third-party charters as a service.

Palleted Trucking & Dry Cargo Hauling

Our land logistics are managed by a central command, hauling approximately significant deadweight tons of cement and other commodities locally and between Malaysia and Singapore. The Liannex fleet consists of longboard trucks, dump trucks, transport vans and pickups. Apart from hauling in-house cargo, we also provide logistics services for third-party cargoes.

Mixer Trucks & Labor

Liannex leases of cement mixer trucks with labor for construction projects from cement plants to customers. Notable customer: Integrated Resort Sentosa, Singapore

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